Kolina grew up in the digital age, so, naturally, she’s quite adept at social media.

Bustling digital identities and deep-rooted relationships with relevant conversationalists is the way she interprets social media success.

As an interactive community manager for clients from all sectors, Kolina will help you reach your brand’s social media potential.


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You can't demand premium attention without being relevant. With our help your brand will become an integral part of important digital conversations.
By consistently researching your marketplace, we'll introduce you to relevant ideas and introduce the digital community to your brand.
We at Cicero Media understand social media and the digital marketplace. Familiarizing ourselves with your personality and translating it into the online world is our prerogative.


Social Media The New Branding

Social media is an opportunity to fashion your digital personality. Your brand means so much more than Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers; it’s about engagement, thought leadership and a lasting impact on your followers. Minneapolis is bursting at the seams with social media action. From meetups to breakfasts to organized happy hours, people in this city like to get together to discuss social media. And brands are well on their way to becoming as active as individuals. Attracting customers through communication, transparency and special deals for followers, countless businesses are scurrying to the top of the social media pyramid. As a community manager, Cicero Media can help you in your race to the top.


  • Amazed by Her Brilliance

    Kolina is a bright and young talented social media expert. I have been working with her for about six months now, and I am absolutely amazed by her brilliance and how she gets stuff done.

    on January 4, 2013
  • Great Experience

    Working with Cicero Media is consistently a great experience. Kolina has a great understanding of what makes content compelling and she is skilled in how to effectively communicate in the digital environment with all of its unique attributes.

    on November 29, 2012